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Artist Ming Feng was born in Guangzhou, China . He was admitted to the Guangzhou municipal Teenage Art School and graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1986. There, he studied artistic theories and Chinese and Western art philosophy. Before arriving in the United States, Ming achieved prominence as an acclaimed artist in his native China. First, he worked as a stage designer with the Modern Drama Troupe of Guangzhou. Later, he worked for the Guangzhou Art Design company where he created layouts, advertisement designs, product placards, and book illustrations. In 1984 he became a member of the prestigious Chinese Artist Association, the nation’s top professional artist organization. His paintings are kept in a permanent collection in the Guangzhou Fine Art Museum. His paintings have also been reproduced in art booksmagazinesillustrated storybooks and newspapers throughout China. In 1986 and 1989, Guangzhou Lingnan Art Publishing House wrote a special column showcasing Ming’s acrylic paintings and Chinese paintings. His works have been published by Beijing Chaohua Fine Arts Publishing House, Guangdong Huacheng Publishing House . During 1984, 12 of Ming’s paintings with the theme “Guangzhou attractions” were printed as a calendar with the inscription “Guangzhou is good” by Mr. Ou Chu, the former mayor of Guangzhou.

In 1988, Ming immigrated to the United States and continued his profession as a full-time artist. His work has been exhibited both internationally and across the United States. He has won numerous awards and his paintings have been published in numerous fine art magazines, art book covers and newspapers. Ming was featured in several articles including “Rising Star of the Art World” by Debbie Hagan in 1996, “The Lure of the Sea” by Debbie Hagan in 1999, and “Landscape of Romance” by Marguerite Smolen in 2000. In 1998, Disney Corporation commissioned Ming to create an oil painting for their Grand Floridian Resort and as part of the company’s collection. Numerous Japanese organizations have produced calendars exclusively featuring Ming Feng’s paintings for the years 2008, 2007, 2004, and 2003.

With a solid foundation in the difficult and exacting styling of classical painting, Ming emerges as an exciting and classical contributor to the world of art. Masterfully employing impressionistic techniques, every one of Ming’s beautiful paintings reflects a great awareness and sensitivity to light, combined with saturated color, all within a decidedly poetic composition. His work has become highly prized by collectors worldwide and can be found all around the world in private, corporate, and public collections.


2015  Geand National Exhibition, American Artists Professional League at

 Salmgundi Club "Alden Bryan Memorial Award and Medal for Traditional Landscape"

2014  Richeson 75 International Art Competitions  “Best in Show Award”

2013  NOAPS First International On-Line Exhibit  “Merit Award”

2013  2nd Annual September/October Plein Air Salon Competition  “Honorable Mention Award”

2012  Allied Artists of America Annual Exhibition   “The Katlan Family Seascape Award”

2012  National Small Oil Painting Exhibition   “Second Place Award”and “ Purchase Award”

2010  Allied Artists of America Annual Exhibition at National Arts Club 

 “The Alden Bryan Memorial Medal Award”

2010  Grand National Exhibition, American Artists Professional League at Salmagundi Club   “Gordon Grant Award”

2007  Palm Beach State College Annual Painting Competition   “Honorable Mention Award”

1987  Guangzhou Art Museum (China) “Certificate of Collection Award”




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